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This blog started in September of 2016 after spending a lot of time reading other inspirational blogs and noticed that not many bloggers were in my situation. Constantly on the move, living in rentals, and unable make any permanent customizations to our homes. I had just moved to a new town, with a new baby, and my husband was gearing up for deployment #2. Making Home Base was born out of desire to be an inspiration for those like me who are living in a home that has decorative limitations. I’m not an interior designer. I’m not a decorator. Just a girl that’s passionate about loving the home you live in. You might have small spaces or ugly tile, or fluorescent lighting, but you can still make your home yours and love it.

You’ll see that much of my decorating style is tailored to living in rental homes (read:military housing – stark white walls and awkward floor plans), but I’m not afraid to get out the power tools and a paint brush to make some (small) customizations!